Johnson’s Pumpkin Stand | Opening Sept. 23

Open 10AM – 6PM Daily

We have been raising pumpkins for more than a quarter of a century. The stand began on the farmyard but grew too big. It was moved to a pasture on the west side of the farm buildings. There it has easier access for customers and more suitable parking. Our pumpkin stand has many fall displays and whimsical touches of Halloween. We have made the pumpkins easy to get to without reaching and digging through a pile. The pumpkin stand is airy and has plenty of space to spread out and enjoy.

We have pumpkins! Rows and rows of pumpkins!

There are over 50 varieties of pumpkins, squash, and gourds at our pumpkin stand. We have orange ones, red ones, pink ones, white ones, tan ones, and bluish-green ones. We have round ones, tall ones, and flat ones. There are smooth ones, ribbed ones, and bumpy ones. We have tiny ones to giant ones. We also have heirlooms and “new debuts”. So much to choose from! Each row or group of pumpkins has a corn shock with a price marker. Giant pumpkins and some specialty items are individually priced.

Payment is accepted in the pumpkin shed. Inside the pumpkin shed, you will also find straw bales, corn shocks, gourds, ornamental corn, and other fall decorations.

Did you know pumpkins float!? Outside the shed, you will find our pumpkin bath stations. Take home a clean pumpkin!

  • Pumpkin prices start at $2.00
  • Gourd prices start at $.50
  • Price markers are on corn shocks per row
  • Giant pumpkins and specialty items individually priced
  • Inquire about special orders or orders over 20+

Contact Dean or Charlene Johnson at 895-3752 |

Or message us on Facebook.